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Custom Finishes

Plak-It Finish

Your plak arrives custom-framed and ready to hang.

PLAK-IT® Custom Framing

PLAK-IT® is a unique process of mounting, protecting and displaying artwork for an attractive and sophisticated presentation without the use of glass.

Your print or poster is first mounted to a piece of high-density wood, which has been custom cut and finished to your specifications. The surface of your plak is then completely sealed under heat and pressure with a tough, durable, transparent laminate. Your artwork arrives ready to hang.

Please note there are additional mounting and shipping costs associated with the plak finishing process.


canvas transfer finish

Create the feel of a painting by transferring a print or poster to canvas.

Canvas Transfer:

You can create the feel of a painting by transferring a print or poster image to a canvas surface.

In the process of canvas transfer, a paper poster or print is coated with a special film that lifts the ink from the paper and embeds the image into the film. As the film is heat-sealed to the canvas surface, the image becomes part of the canvas and assumes the texture of the canvas surface. A clear UV protective coating is applied and the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame.