Commission Art

“It’s what keeps me going, when I deliver a painting to someone, and their reaction shows how much they truly love it.”

Artist Coreen Steinbach is energized by her clients and thrives on the positive feedback she receives about her finished paintings. In addition to running events and other sport competitions, Coreen paints portraits, animal portraits, houses and landscapes on commission. She loves to capture moments and create long-term memories for her clients.

commissioned painting by coreen steinbach

Commissioned painting by Coreen Steinbach.

Client Ann Delehant writes:

“Many years ago, I walked into Coreen and Don’s home and fell in love with an impressionistic painting of an autumn tree in their front foyer. I said, “Coreen, I want that tree in the spring.” Since my colors did not match the autumn oranges and yellows of this piece, I asked her if she would paint me a spring tree for my new home office. She came to my home to measure the space and began researching, taking pictures of spring trees and spring tree scenes. Soon after, she returned with this absolutely beautiful tree in the foreground with a lovely, serene backdrop of trees, a perfect shade of my favorite spring green. 

tree painting commission

Over Ann Delehant’s fireplace hangs Coreen’s commissioned painting of a tree that came before Tommy’s tree (at lower left).

A few years later, I took a picture of the tree that we planted on the 16th hole of Ontario Golf Club in my brother Tom’s memory. When the pictures were developed, I realized that, even though she had never seen it, Coreen painted Tommy’s tree. In fact, she painted the tree before the picture was taken.

This tree now hangs over the fireplace in my home in the place of honor in my living room with the small photo of Tommy’s tree next to it. Besides being an absolutely beautiful piece, she was able to see into my heart and bring this living memorial into my home. I still wonder how she saw it in her mind’s eye and I believe it is her gift.”

Commission Art by Coreen Steinbach

Do you have an idea for a custom painting? Send Coreen a note to learn more about commissioning artwork.